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…it’s a day to celebrate!!  In 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, better known as UNESCO, declared March 21st to be World Poetry Day.  Some form of World Poetry Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years, but the date has varied…sometimes in October, occasionally in November.  But no matter the date, it has always been about promoting the reading, writing, and teaching of poetry.

Now all aspiring poets have reason to rejoice!!  So take a minute today and create a poem.  Rhyme away about anything and use any meter you like.  Maybe even set it to music…like these guys.  My wife makes pans and pans of lasagna that she gives to friends and family on Easter, and we roll hundreds of little meatballs for it.  So I will “pen” a piece in honor of that.

 “An Ode to Meatballs”
She called me to the kitchen
I thought to eat some food
My stomach was a’rumbling
And something sure smelled good

I scampered to the kitchen
Expecting tummy treats
Delicious pizza so divine
Or something sweet to eat

Three pots with simm’ring pasta sause
Were what my eyes did see
“Oh no” was my initial thought
“There is no food for me”

That’s right, no eats awaited me
There on the table white
Instead eight pounds of hamburger
Were all that filled my sight

I wished myself asleep again
This was no gastric prize
“We get to make the meatballs now
And keep them marble-sized”

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